De Solio Ranch Conservancy

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De Solio Ranch Conservancy

Van grijze reuzen en buffels tot oryxen en impala’s en alles ertussenin. Je spot deze dieren op spannende safari’s, wandelingen met een gids en tijdens picknicks midden in de natuur. Wat het bijzonder maakt is dat het Solio Ranch Conservancy een wildreservaat is dat neushoorns beschermd in Kenia. Ben je na een dag nog steeds niet uitgekeken? Blijf er de nacht ook en slaap in the middle of nowhere.

Important details

  • Price on request
  • Full day, with possibility to sleep

Additional information

Solio Ranch is a beautiful ranch in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but nature and wildlife around. The ranch used to be a working cattle ranch, but in 1973 it was turned into a wildlife sanctuary. The Carr-Hartley family, who owned the ranch, decided to bring rhino and other wildlife back to the area. Subsequently they created an exclusive five bedroom lodge on the estate. The ranch nowadays hosts over 200 rhinos.

The reserve is located in the valley between the high slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains just north of Nairobi. The rhinos live here in harmony with other wildlife like buffalos, zebras, giraffes, elands, oryxes, impalas, waterbucks, Thompson’s gazelles and warthogs. Visitors will find that sightings of up to 40 rhinos at a time are not uncommon. When visiting you can choose to sleep here or just stay for the day.

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